New Skunk Owners

Are you a new skunk owner??? Have you located a vet to treat your little furkid??? Consider “interviewing” the vet first to know if he/she has treated skunks before. Your first question should be, “what if my skunk bites you during the exam, what is your policy?” If he/she says, “We will need to report the bite to the health dept.” pick up your little bundle and LEAVE. If the answer is something like, “Wash it off and continue with exam trying to calm the little one” then continue with the visit. The law in Florida states, ” If a skunk bite is reported, the skunk will be killed and tested for rabies”. Of course the test results will be negative but the results for you and your skunk will be devastating because they need to be killed to complete the test. Find a vet who is skunk knowledgeable. Contact people on this blog for help. A list of trusted vets will be forthcoming!!!!!!

Lynnda Butler
attention new skunk owners

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