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  1. Reminder, not only is this pet baby skunk season, but it’s also wild baby skunk season. Be watchful for orphaned or injured babies. If you find any, make sure they are indeed orphaned or injured, then make sure they are in a safe place and contact a wildlife rehabber, or feel free to contact me and I can assist you in finding the nearest rehabber to you. 352-210-6123
    One more thing to mention, if the baby(s) are indeed orphans, DO NOT ATTEMPT TO FEED!!!
    Make sure they are in a quiet place and warm. A rice filled sock heated in the microwave for 1 minute will remain warm for several hours.

  2. By now, owners who got kits this year should have already de-wormed twice and are approaching the 3rd de-worming. The number one cause of seizures and prolapse in baby skunks is parasite infestation! All kits come with roundworms. This can have a bad ending and is totally preventable by following the de-worming schedule.

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