De-Worming Your Baby Skunk

De-Worming Your Baby Skunk
A baby skunk (Mephitis mephitis).

De-Worming Your Baby Skunk
A skunk kit (Mephitis mephitis).

All baby skunks come with roundworms! Some will come with coccidia (small single cell parasites). Please do not assume that if your skunk has parasites, that you will always see them in the skunk’s stool. That can be a fatal mistake. Parasites, also do not always show up when tested. One of the leading causes of death for young skunks is from parasitic infestation. They can build up causing prolapses, seizures and death. It is important that your Veterinarian dose the de-wormer until the skunk gets to be at least 4 pounds. Be aware that the wrong de-wormer can kill a skunk! Strongid (Pyrantel Pomoate) is recommended until the skunk reaches 4 lbs, then Panacur (Fenbendazole) is recommended as it kills more types of parasites. You will need to de-worm your new baby at least 3 times, several weeks apart like you would a puppy so make sure to get enough medicine from your Veterinarian. After that, you should be able to de-worm twice a year. If there are other household pets, you might want to do everyone together. Once you switch to twice a year, the de-worming cycle is as follows: skunks between 4 and 10 pounds will get Panacur for 3 days in a row, wait exactly 2 weeks and repeat for 3 more days. Wait 6 months and give for 3 days, wait exactly 2 weeks and repeat for 3 more days. If you prefer the liquid Panacur, you can get that from your Veterinarian along with the correct dosage by weight of the animal. You can purchase Panacur C granules online. You will need 2, of the 1 gram packs to properly de-worm your skunk. Each box contains 3 packs so you will be able to give it for 3 days. It is tasteless and easily mixes with food.

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