Plants Known to be Toxic to Pets

Plants toxic to skunks

Since it is baby season, I thought it would be a good reminder to send out the list of plants known to be toxic to skunks and other pets. Even if your plant is on the list that is considered safe, be aware that skunks are naturally inclined to dig and may do severe damage to a potted plant. These plants  may be inside or outside the home. While it is safe for skunks to eat fresh mushrooms from the store, it is NOT safe for them to eat mushrooms or other wild growing fungi.  If you think your skunk has ingested anything on the toxic list, it is a medical emergency! If you have a plant to add to the list, please let us know.

Aloe Vera
Arrowhead Vine (all parts)
Asparagus Fern
Autumn Crocus
Bird of Paradise (fruit, seeds)
Boston Ivy (all parts)
Caladium (all parts)
Calla Lily
Castor Bean
Christmas Rose
Creeping Charlie (all parts)
Creeping Fig
Crown of Thorns
Dumbcane (all parts)
Easter lily
Elephant Ears
Emerald Duke (all parts)
English Holly
English and Glacier Ivy (leaves, berries)
Heartleaf (all parts)
Ivy (Hedera)
Jerusalem Cherry
Lilies (all members)
Lily of the Valley (all parts)
Majesty (all parts)
Marble Queen (all parts)
Nephthytis (all parts)
Oleander (all parts)
Parlor Ivy (all parts)
Peace Lily
Philodendron (all parts)
Poinsettia (leaves, flowers)
Pothos (all parts)
Pot Mum
Red Princess (all parts)
Saddleleaf (all parts)
Sago Palm (all parts including seeds)
Spider Mum
Sprengeri Fern
Swiss Cheese Plant
Tulip/Narcissus  (bulbs)
Umbrella Plant (all parts)
Weeping Fig (Ficus)

Non Toxic Plants

These  common houseplants that are considered non-toxic to pets. Keep in mind, animals can be allergic to anything.
African violet (Saintpaulia)
Aluminum plant
Any of the true ferns (Boston fern, maidenhair, etc.)
Cacti (but make sure they are real cacti, not just a succulent)
Common geranium (Pelargonium)
Foxinia (Sinningia)
Goldfish plant (Hypoestes)
Grape ivy (Cissus)
Hanging African Violet (Episcia)
Lipstick vine (Aeschynanthus)
Miniature roses
Prayer plant (Maranta)
Shrimp plant (Beleperone guttata)
Spider plant (Chlorophytum)
Swedish Ivy (Plectranthus)
Sweet potatoes (Ipomoea)
Variegated philodendron leaf peperomia
Wandering jew (Zebrina)
Wax begonias (Begonia semperflorens)
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