skunk prolapse
Skunk prolapse

Prolapses in skunks most often occur because of improper or incomplete de-worming. This can happen a day or so after de-worming a skunk with a huge parasite load. The dead and dying parasites can cause a blockage that are a medical emergency! An intestinal blockage is another cause of prolapse.

In cases where the prolapse won’t stay in, your Veterinarian may decide to put a stitch, until it heals. Some skunk owners feel they can handle this but in my experience, most, if not all, prolapse cases require a Veterinarian as soon as possible. Until you can get to your Veterinarian, the most important thing is to carefully get the intestine back in where it belongs. Make sure the area is clean, then apply a bit of KY Jelly or Vaseline on the tip of your sterile, gloved finger, apply light pressure, and slowly push it back in. Hold for a few minutes. While healing, keep your baby on a soft food or liquid diet until healed. Do NOT feed a high fiber diet to a skunk with a prolapse as it can make it worse.

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  1. When Ellie had her prolapse at 7 weeks of age I freaked out! I was using non- clumping litter and it was stuck to the prolapse! I tried taking tweezers to the litter and it was sticking and I was afraid of tearing the tissue. My husband was holding her and she fell asleep while I was frantically calling all of the weekend animal hospitals. None would see her! I finally called Maria and she said to put her butt in cool water and try to gently get the litter off. I finally got all the litter off and the prolapse shrunk back in. I washed my hands and put on gloves and patted preparation H on the area. Thank God I had someone to call who took the time to calm me down and talk me through the steps I needed to take. Ellie is alive today because of this.

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