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Picture this if you will….you wake up and you hear what you think to be items that were ON the counter, crashing to the floor. Instinctively you run to the source….yup….coffee cup, silverware and food containers scattered on the floor and two beady little eyes staring at you as if, “Those things just jumped down there mama….honest”. But wait….the beady eyes are also ON the counter belonging to an 8 lb. furball who should not be there. How did this happen you ask? Open bottom drawer….climb… next drawer….climb…you get the idea. Also, doors to cabinet were open and stuff was strewn about. Yes….skunks climb and can open cabinet doors. If you have one like this, do not waste your money on the plastic closers. They will push past them. Solution? Magnetic locks from a baby store and if you plan on having skunks for awhile, they are a good investment. BTW….if you have other pets and kids, two problems solved. Next time I’ll tell you about the open fridge and skunk in the middle of 18 eggs……

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Pet Skunk Tips

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  1. We use magnetic locks in the kitchen otherwise I would not have the use of the lower cabinets. In the pantry, I have plastic zip ties around the cabinet handles that slide off when I need to open them.

  2. The baby store was a wealth of knowledge offering suggestions surprisingly. They were the ones who suggested FLAT sides on the baby gates so skunks could not get their feet in the holes to climb to the top and fall in the other side.

  3. Thellie could open my old cabinets. I re-did the kitchen about 10 years ago & the new cabinets foiled all her break-in attempts, & those of her siblings.
    thank goodness!

  4. cabinetHDR
    We are making a storage room next to the kitchen using Ikea cabinets. I put zip ties around the handles on the base cabinets that slip off when you want to open them. This is cheap and easy if you have the same style of handles. It might not work for small children but the skunks are not tall enough to push the ties up so the doors open.

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