Is Your Skunk Ready to Show?

It is not too early to start preparing your skunk for the show. How is your skunk’s coat? Skunks 2 years and older, may shed in the spring, summer or fall.
Is Your Skunk Ready to Show If your skunk does not have full regrowth of the coat or tail yet, you may want to add an omega 3 fatty acid supplement to their diet. Carlson for Kids Chewable DHA or Nordic Naturals Children’s DHA Strawberry are both great choices for pet skunks. Dosage is 1 of the Carlsons or 2 of the Nordic Naturals per day. Most skunks will eat them like they are a treat.
If your skunk will eat fish, you will not need to supplement omega 3 fatty acids. Increase their servings of sardines or wild salmon and you should see a difference within weeks.

Hopefully the white portion of your skunk’s fur is not yellowed as that can be a sign of poor health. The white will discolor when the skunk is fed processed foods like kibble or in cases Is Your Skunk Ready to Showwhere the skunk was not properly de-wormed. See de-worming instructions for an adult here, or de-worming instructions for a kit here. The yellow will start to slowly go away once the problem is corrected. PetSpan, a chlorella supplement will help speed up removal of the yellow fur.
While you are waiting for the yellow fur to go away, try a shampoo for dogs that whitens fur. These shampoos are usually blue or purple colored and add optical enhancers to the coat that the human eye sees as white. Read the ingredients carefully to make sure the shampoo you choose does not contain harmful chemicals.

Are you up to date with your weight log? If so, your skunk should be at their optimal weight for their size. If not, now is the time to cut out snacks and reduce portions. Skunks can safely lose between 1/2 to 1 lb per month. It is 6 weeks until the show in Kissimmee, FL. See show information here. These few tips will help make your skunk look their best by show time!

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