Baby Season 2016

Baby Season

How exciting, the kits are in pet stores now! While personally, I think nothing is cuter than a baby skunk, every year some people make the mistake of getting a skunk kit before they do their research on how to care for them. This results in the kits being given up for adoption by fall. Please make sure you do your research first. Below are a few things to be aware of:

1) Find a skunk savvy Veterinarian. After you pick up your baby, they will need a get acquainted visit to start the de-worming process. In a few months, they will need to be neutered or spayed. Learn how to de-worm a kit here.
2) Determine whether you have sufficient funds to purchase and care for a pet skunk. They are an 8 to 10 year commitment if properly cared for. They will require regular Veterinarian visits and their care is more expensive that that of a dog or cat.
3) Determine whether your lifestyle is compatible. Do you own your own home? Landlords rarely allow captive wildlife. Can you give around the clock care for the first month?
4) Are you willing to skunk proof your home? For some people that means giving up carpeting and sometimes nicer furnishings unless the home is large enough where the skunk has it’s own area.
5) Do you have other pets that would be problematic? Not all skunks get along with other animals or even with other skunks. Skunks are predatory and it is important to know that birds, reptiles, rabbits and rodents may look like a tasty meal to the skunk. Never set up a food chain!
6) Have you truly researched their care? A average pet skunk has a temperament similar to a child in the terrible twos. Children (hopefully) out grow brattiness but the skunk may not. They are more mellow as adults than they are as kits and juniors in most cases. This year’s skunk care guide is available here.

Baby Season 2016

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  1. Should you decide to get a skunk as a first time owner, remember that if you feel frustrated because it doesn’t live up to your expectations or is not what you thought, feel free to contact us for guidance. We can walk you through some of those behaviors that require patience.

    • Absolutely feel free to contact us if needed! If it takes a village to raise a child, it can feel like it takes an army to raise a skunk sometimes. Sometimes just knowing other skunk owners went through trying times and ended up with a great pet helps a lot!

  2. And some babies NEVER settle down! mine is wild as she was in the beginning, bounces off the walls every waking moment :) and she can get in/out/around/over anything. like a little striped ninja.

    • Years ago the name “Sage” was synonymous with “terror” as he climbed everything, opened every cabinet, opened the refrigerator and cost me over $500 in new hardware for the kitchen along with magnetic baby locks. The plastic ones were simply laughable!!! Each time he got into something he looked at me as if, “so momma….what’s your next move?” That boy lived to be almost 12 and I wouldn’t have changed one single antic!!!

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