Welcome to the Mephitis Advocate! Our specialty? We deliver “skunk news you can use!” Some of you may remember a few years back when the Mephitis Advocate was a newsletter written by Mary Vice Copeland, and me, Maria Ellis. Time went by, and we became too busy to give a periodical newsletter the attention it required. Earlier this year, we discussed how to get started again. Sadly, Mary passed away suddenly on April 27, 2015 before we could put our plans in action. The Mephitis Advocate is back, better than ever, in blog format. Past issues are available here in pdf format.

I bet you are wondering how we came up with a name like the Mephitis Advocate? When Mary moved to South Carolina, our only way to stay in touch was by email or phone. Occasionally, we would steal time from our busy schedules and enjoy a chat in the afternoon. Because there was so much outdated, incorrect information on the web regarding pet skunk care, we felt a newsletter would be an effective way to get information out on the care of pet skunks. Mary was known as a staunch advocate for skunks and I thought since striped skunks are known as Mephitis mephitis, that the Mephitis Advocate would be the perfect name for our newsletter.

Remember that we are a group of skunk owners, not Veterinarians. Medical issues should be discussed with your skunk’s Veterinarian. I hope you enjoy the Mephitis Advocate. Please send your comments and questions.

About the Mephitis Advocate