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Announcing the 28TH ANNUAL SKUNK SHOW SATURDAY, OCTOBER 15, 2016 hosted by Florida Skunk Rescue and Florida Skunks As Pets. Read all about it here.


Baby skunk killed in household accident. Learn how to prevent it from happening here.


Guess what time of year it is? It’s baby season! Read more here. Have you chosen a Veterinarian yet for your new baby? Learn how to make the best choice here.

Feature Article

There is a lot of information about pet skunk care available. How do you decide who to believe? Read more here.

Diet Article

Do you have questions on appropriate portion sizes for your skunk? Read more here.

Skunk Health Article

Does your pet skunk have inflammation or an inflammatory condition? Read more

Feature Article

Are you a pet skunk skunk owner in Oregon? Fish and Game has proposed changes that will affect pet skunk ownership! Read more here. March 18th meeting regarding proposed changes here.

Pet Skunk Forum

Introducing the pet skunk message board! Do you have questions or just want to chat? Join us today on the Pet Skunk Forum!

Spotlight on Hershey

Feature article about Hershey the severely neglected young skunk. Read more.

Feature Article

Feature article regarding obesity in pet skunks. Obesity in pet skunks is too common and contributes to poor quality of life and shortens their lifespan. Read more here.

Spotlight on Gidget

A cautionary reminder and sad news from a skunk owner. Violence can occur between same sex and opposite sex with pet skunks. Read more.

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