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Featuring your Skunk

June 29, 2015 Maria 0

We have a new topic category featuring your skunk. This is where you tell your skunk’s personal story. The topic is open to past or […]

De-Worming Your Baby Skunk

De-Worming Your Baby Skunk

June 18, 2015 Maria 1

All baby skunks come with roundworms! Some will come with coccidia (small single cell parasites). Please do not assume that if your skunk has parasites, […]

paste de-wormers

Paste De-Wormers

October 27, 2018 Maria 0

Occasionally, I hear from pet skunk owners who ask if it is ok to use horse paste de-wormers on skunks to save money. Horse paste […]

baby season 2017

Baby Season 2017

June 11, 2017 Maria 0

Welcome all 2017 kits. Baby season is so exciting! The updated care booklet is located here: Care Booklet for Skunk Kits 2017 New owners, please […]

Indiana University Student Allegedly Beats Skunk To Death With a Shovel

Skunk Killed With a Shovel

November 4, 2016 Maria 2

This was forwarded to me yesterday. It is distressing that a young man would be so unnecessarily cruel to innocent wildlife. Hopefully, he will learn […]

pet skunk killed

Pet Skunk Killed

October 12, 2016 Maria 4

On 9/28/16, a 4 month old pet skunk was euthanized in Tampa, Fl and tested for rabies because she had bitten a Veterinary Technician. This […]

Skunk Kit Death

Skunk Kit Death

July 6, 2016 Maria 3

The first year mortality rate is high with pet skunks, and I dread hearing about the kits that don’t make it. This morning I opened […]

pet skunk information

Pet Skunk Information

June 30, 2016 Maria 0

Recently another skunk owner forwarded me a packet of pet skunk information written by a Veterinarian regarding the care of pet skunks. She was given […]

Baby Season 2016-Choosing a Veterinarian

Choosing a Veterinarian

June 26, 2016 Maria 0

If you are new to the skunk world, you may not know just how important it is to choose your skunk’s Veterinarian carefully! A Veterinarian […]

Baby Season

Baby Season 2016

June 15, 2016 Maria 4

How exciting, the kits are in pet stores now! While personally, I think nothing is cuter than a baby skunk, every year some people make […]

Pet Skunk Blog-Mephitis Advocate

Oregon 3/18/16 Meeting

May 21, 2016 Maria 0

The March 18, 2016 meeting for proposed changes to Oregon law regarding pet skunk ownership has passed. The final ruling will be announced at the […]

species appropriate foods for pet skunks

Pet Skunk Portion Sizes

April 30, 2016 Maria 0

Obesity is still the number one challenge mentioned in speaking with Veterinarians who see pet skunks. So today I would like to take a few […]

Tennessee Skunk Ownership

February 18, 2016 Maria 3

It appears that the state of Tennessee has changed it’s mind about pet skunk ownership. Initial approval of the change has been approved. This is […]

Pet Skunk Blog-Mephitis Advocate

Oregon Skunk Ownership

January 31, 2016 Maria 6

The State of Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife has proposed some changes that will affect pet skunk ownership in Oregon, if passed into law. […]

Pet Skunk Message Board

December 19, 2015 Maria 2

Introducing the the Pet Skunk Message Board, an online community for skunk owners to chat, ask questions and post pictures of their pet skunks. The […]

species appropriate foods for pet skunks

Junior Skunks

November 21, 2015 Maria 0

Fall is here and for those who got a kit in the spring, your baby is officially a junior skunk. He or she should look […]

Spotlight on Hershey

November 8, 2015 Maria 3

Meet little Hershey, a tiny, sweet boy only 6 months old.  We found Hershey through another skunk owner who had contacted me earlier this week […]