Obesity in Pet Skunks

Obesity in Pet Skunks

September 13, 2015 Maria 1

Sadly, obesity is much too common in pet skunks and one of the leading causes for their current short lifespan. Obesity is completely the owner’s […]

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4 Month Old Skunk Kits

August 29, 2015 Maria 0

September is a busy month for new skunk owners! In September, the kits born in May will be turning 4 months. There were lots of […]

raw hemp cookies

Raw Hemp Cookies

August 24, 2015 Maria 0

  Raw Hemp Cookies are a healthy and tasty treat for skunks and you may you like them too! Keep in mind, it is nutrient […]

Spotlight on Gidget

August 24, 2015 Maria 3

I’m posting this on behalf of Landa Berry. She recently lost a kit because another kit attacked it. Sadly, it did not survive. Her story […]

pet skunk blood work

Pet Skunk Blood Work

August 9, 2015 Maria 0

Blood work should be done on your skunk’s annual wellness exam, and at other times when the Veterinarian needs it for either diagnostic reasons, or […]

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Featuring your Skunk

June 29, 2015 Maria 0

We have a new topic category featuring your skunk. This is where you tell your skunk’s personal story. The topic is open to past or […]

skunk prolapse


June 18, 2015 Maria 4

Prolapses in skunks most often occur because of improper or incomplete de-worming. This can happen a day or so after de-worming a skunk with a […]

De-Worming Your Baby Skunk

De-Worming Your Baby Skunk

June 18, 2015 Maria 1

All baby skunks come with roundworms! Some will come with coccidia (small single cell parasites). Please do not assume that if your skunk has parasites, […]

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Baby Season 2015

June 16, 2015 Maria 2

Baby season 2015 has officially arrived! Skunk people know there is nothing more exciting than getting a new baby skunk! Send pictures of your new […]

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Pet Skunk Blog

June 15, 2015 Maria 0

Welcome to the new Mephitis Advocate pet skunk blog! It has been a few years but the Advocate is back, better than ever, in blog […]