Blog Rules

Below are a few blog tips, and basic rules to help you get the most from the Mephitis Advocate.

1) If you register as a subscriber on the Mephitis Advocate, you can get updates as articles or comments are posted. Under Edit Account, you can check or un-check the boxes for email updates and the ability to have messages go right to your inbox to view and comment from your smart phone or tablet. You can still read the Mephitis Advocate but to post now requires registering an account.
2) Spamming will result in your IP being blocked and your account will be deleted.
3) Comments must be approved. Yes, this is annoying but no one enjoys reading the garbage spammers post. I will do my best to check often on the pending comments.
4) Comments from skunk owners are welcome. Comments from internet trolls are not. If you are looking to mock the topic, find another blog.
5) Skunk people are among the nicest people I know but there are extremists in every group. This blog will reflect my philosophy about the care of pet skunks. I hope you enjoy it, but if you do not, feel free to find your own venue to express that opinion.
6) The opinions expressed on the Mephitis Advocate belong to the person expressing them and are not meant to be a substitute for proper medical care. If your skunk is sick, please take them to a Veterinarian.

Gravatars & Avatars

You may want a cute picture to show when you post comments. You can choose a Gravatar, which is a globally recognized Avatar, to represent you here. You need to register with the same user name and password that you used to subscribe to the Mephitis Advocate. Gravatars, unlike Avatars, will follow you around the web when you post online using the same email. If you already have an Avatar, you can upload that when you sign up or where you edit your account. Avatars and Gravatars are a minimum of 96 by 96 pixels and a maximum of 160 by 160 pixels. If you have a great picture that needs cropping or re-sizing, try Pic Monkey.
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